Clean water is not just an element for us, but also an elementary building block of our world. Comprehensive quality and hygiene standards ensure that households and businesses are always connected to water supply. It takes a great deal of technical effort to meet customer needs and capacity. APS Prosch GmbH takes on the high challenges of drinking water supply with a specific product range. Innovative manufacturing processes and advanced materials ensure that applicable standards and guidelines are adhered to.

So that everything goes swimmingly in the supply of drinking water, the selection of suitable materials is already an important aspect. These must meet technical and hygienic requirements in the form of standards and guidelines, which are often set by the legislator as standards during production. They ensure that no pathogens, toxicological substances and pollutants contaminate the drinking water. The rules are complex. Examples include the UBA Elastomer Guideline, DVGW, ACS, WRAS. All products that come into contact with drinking water have corresponding approvals and certificates upon request.

Above all seals are subject to strict regulations. They may have to endure extreme application stresses such as pressure, cold and heat. Sometimes safety standards and environmental requirements are added. In food-processing plants, separate regulations apply which guarantee the safety of the materials used without adversely affecting production processes. APS Prosch GmbH ensures that gaskets fulfil all desired requirements in terms of design as well as quality. In addition, we consider company-specific specifications during conception, which deviate from common standards.

Our customers include all companies that are in some way involved in drinking water. We see ourselves as a direct partner of industry and trade. Do you have special requirements? Please let us know as part of a non-binding inquiry and we'll take care of it!


Each year, a person takes in about five times his own body weight in drinking water. After all, it is also recommended to drink at least 2 litres daily. No wonder that drinking water is the number one liquid comestible. Without it, social life would stand still. Therefore, drinking water is subject to extremely high-quality requirements - and we offer the highest quality for these requirements.

Important aspects of drinking water supply include the selection of suitable materials. The materials and products must not only meet a wide variety of technical and mechanical requirements, but above all they must be hygienically harmless. We achieve this with our APS-LOPI quality that comes in 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 shore hardness.

In the area of hygienic applications, several regulations are applied to ensure that no pathogens, toxicological substances or contaminants can enter the drinking water. Since elastomers and plastics, such as O-rings, moulded parts or flat gaskets, come into contact with drinking water, they must either conform to them or come with the corresponding approval.

Furthermore, the finished seals must comply with special technical values (hardness, compression set, tension set, etc.). A close look is thus necessary when choosing materials. In this context, we are happy to be your lighthouse, keeping everything in focus with regard to water and ensuring safety.

UBA elastomer guideline

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Reproduction of microorganisms on materials for drinking water


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EN681-1 WA / WB incl. W534

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